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YPF About our company

Your Professional Florist (known as YPF) is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida with its network office located in Medford, Oregon. We are a florist-to-florist network and service provider to local retail florists in the United States and Canada. Our focus is on keeping acquisition costs associated with obtaining floral orders as low as possible for our members. Examples of this can be seen in our low cost Standard Membership plans starting at only $34.99/month, our Associate Membership plan that has no fixed monthly membership cost and our flat rate website program allowing you an unlimited number of web orders from consumers paying 100% online or by telephone. Even our POS license permits you three (3) simultaneous users for a mere $59.99/month.

Right up front, you will find YPF is different and will not charge you such things as "Set-Up fees” or "Application costs” like many others do in our industry, nor will we suddenly develop and mandate special programs such as a "University Fee” or penalize you with such things as "Unequal sending fees”. Additionally, we do not charge network access fees or charge you for additional listings in towns you deliver to.

Your Professional Florist is committed to providing our member florists with expert customer service. Our telephones are answered by employees that are crossed trained and in most cases our staff is able to answer your question(s) immediately.

Our list of members is unique, covering retail flower shops of all sizes–from the single proprietorship with a part-time driver to large multi-store operations with dozens of employees delivering to thirty or more towns each day. Their locations vary from very rural, to major metropolitan and everything in between. We even participate with international floral networks for truly long distance delivery and currency conversion.

We invite you to sign up today with YPF and learn firsthand what we are able to provide you in the way of flower shop to flower shop communications and truly great customer service.