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YPF Website Program

Florist Website Program

E-commerce Websites for the Retail Florist Industry


Your Professional Florist offers two low cost full e-commerce website programs for florists in the United States and Canada. 

Benefits include:

  1. A custom URL (meaning website address such as
  2. Custom email account
  3. Secure shopping (SSL) is included for your customer's safety.
  4. Your shop's name, address, telephone number(s) and logo will be displayed throughout the website.
  5. You may set your own product prices, delivery fees, sales tax, etc.
  6. You may add your own custom products and images.




Your Professional Florist will provide:

  1. Monthly Web Hosting on our Secure Servers.
  2. Initial construction of the website*.
  3. Training via telephone support and ongoing technical support.
  4. Email service to send customers a copy of their receipt, you, the florist an email with order details, and any follow-up emails to or from customers.
  5. Complete access to the website via a control panel so you can make changes as you see fit.
  6. Holiday graphic changes so your site remains fresh looking.



Some requirements apply. These include and are not limited to:


  1. Merchant is required to have an ISP (internet service provider) to access the website's control panel and for email service to receive a copy of the completed order.
  2. Merchant must process the customer’s credit card to receive payment at 100% from the customer. Payment is not guaranteed by YPF.
  3. Merchant is responsible for all customer service issues.
  4. Merchant agrees to pay $39.99/mo for a minimum of 10 months or a minimum of $399.99 to cover the cost associated with construction and hosting of the website.
  5. Merchant is required to have a URL for the website or YPF will obtain one on their behalf at a cost of $39.99 per year.
  6. Merchant must provide access to the URL Registrar such as so that YPF technicians may modify the DNS at anytime.