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YPF Membership Plans

Membership provides Florist to Florist Networking

Membership Provides Florist to Florist Networking

Long distance flower delivery (outside your local delivery area) is made simple with the Online Network provided by Your Professional Florist. Access to the Network is provided FREE to YPF members so sign up today.

When your customer's orders are too far for you to deliver, you may relay the order details to one of our local member florists in or near the delivery location and you'll earn a 20% sales commission on the gross value of the order transmitted including any delivery fee. Should we not have a local member in the delivery area, our office staff will take care of placing the order for you at no additional cost.

The fill shop (who actually makes and delivers the order on your behalf) is notified of all the order information and is paid the standard industry commission of 73% for completing the order successfully.

To balance the difference in commissions, fill shops should do their best to send orders out through the YPF Network equal to the value of what they receive however YPF will not penalize any shop for not sending orders through the network.

Members who fill (in value of orders) more than they receive will be paid at the end of the following month. Members who call out more than they fill in value will be billed the first week of the following month and should pay their bill by the 25th of the month to avoid late fees.

To make life even easier, YPF provides automatic debit/credit services to speed up and simplify billing. Automatic debits & credits to your business bank account are not required by strongly recommended. Be sure to ask about our automatic debit/credit program.

Your Professional Florist will be happy to customize your shop's membership plan so that shops of any size will be able to benefit from joining the YPF family of local florists.

Membership benefits include:

1. No network transmission fees

2. No network update fees

3. No special equipment needed – just an internet connection on any device.

4. Unlimited extra town listings at no additional charge.

5. Commitment to coverage

New introductory membership - Save 50%

Membership begins at only $34.99/month with a $3.00 rebate (beginning with order #1) when you use our FREE online network to place your outgoing wire orders. This introductory rate is available for the first six months of membership while your account will be reviewed for incoming/outgoing order volume to make the best plan going forward.

*** We do not require a term contract and you may reject any order or cancel your membership at any time.


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*Rebates are not paid to any member with a delinquent account.